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The steel coil price forecast this week in China

Strip steel: Chinese strip steel price is relatively strong. The low price transaction is Ok, but the high price transaction is unsatisfactory. Strip steel traders are confused about the market. The high cost of raw materials and the recent upgrading of environmental protection and production restriction in Tangshan area squeeze the profit of strip steel. Considering that the strip steel manufacturers have a strong mentality of profit this week, driven by the double good, it has become a practice to chase the price rise. It is expected that the strip steel price will be easy to rise and hard to fall this week.

Hot rolled steel coil: this week, the hot rolling market in China is in a strong operation. With the strong rise in the price of raw materials since May, the positive news such as environmental protection and production restriction in Tangshan over the weekend has been stimulated again. The market mentality is relatively optimistic, the trading atmosphere is active, the terminal stock is active, and the speculative demand also follows. But in June, under the influence of high temperature and rainy weather, the construction progress slowed down, and the market will return to the normal demand mentality. The hot rolled steel coil price is expected to be high this week in China.

Cold rolled steel coil: the cold rolling market is expanding this week. In the near future, the market demand is fair, and the inventory has been digesting, so the fundamentals are relatively supportive, and the market resources are relatively scarce at present. In the process of cold rolled steel coil price increase, the downstream demand has been released out of the normal way in the near future. This week's stock demand is basically in a state of high first and low then. Rigid demand is no longer strong, and the mentality of middlemen has naturally changed. However, cost support restricts the space for reduction. It is expected that this week's cold rolled steel coil price range will fluctuate.

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