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The international steel market may be in shock and differentiation in October

Looking forward to October, the international steel market may run in shock and differentiation. In Europe, the manufacturing industry expanded steadily, the growth of flat products slowed down slightly, and the market price of long profiles increased significantly. After several months of rebound, the overall steel price has exceeded the high level at the beginning of the year. The second wave of epidemic may slow down the pace of economic recovery, and the steel market is expected to fluctuate at a high level.

In the North American market, the accelerated recovery of the manufacturing industry has increased the demand, while the supply is tight, the steel market price rebounded rapidly, which has not reached the previous high point. Affected by the election and the uncertainty of the epidemic situation, the sustainability of the strong rebound of the US economy is questionable, and the steel market price may maintain a stable and relatively strong operation trend.

The demand for flat products in the Asian market is still strong, and the long products are supported by the cost. However, the market price has increased greatly in the early stage, and the current rising trend is slowing down. The domestic market demand in China is weaker than expected, and the price has generally fallen down. In the later stage, with the reduction of production costs, the Asian steel market may fall down steadily. To sum up, the international steel market in October may present a differentiated pattern.

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