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Export of various steel pipe varieties in China

In November, China's export of welded pipeline pipes was 45300 tons, a month on month decrease of 24700 tons, and the rate of decline was accelerated, and the proportion in the total export continued to decline to 14.94%; From January to November, 632800 tons were exported, accounting for 18.23% of the total exports, down 6.79% year on year.

In November, 91700 tons of special-shaped, square and rectangular pipes were welded at the export, a quarter on quarter decrease of 7500 tons, continuing to decline, and their proportion in the total decreased to 30.23%; From January to November, the export volume was 1.188 million tons, accounting for 34.23% of the total export volume, down 2.22% year on year.

Among the seamless pipes, oil and gas drilling casing, oil and gas airway pipe and oil and gas casing are still the most exported varieties.

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