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Cold rolled coil market price in September 24

On September 24, the cold-rolling coil sheet price in the Tianjin market steadily weakened, and the current mainstream cold-rolling steel mills in Tianjin have a representative specification of about 4570 yuan/ton. The market transactions are relatively average. Through feedback from traders, recently affected by hot rolled coil futures, the price of cold rolled coil in Tianjin has been on the downward trend. However, due to the shortage of individual specifications in the market and the lack of inventory, individual merchants are more willing to price Strong, did not see a sharp decline.
The spot price of cold rolled coil in China adjusted slightly, and the overall market transaction was not good. According to feedback from traders, today's hot-rolled electronic disk futures fluctuated strongly, and some markets' hot-rolled spot prices rebounded slightly in the afternoon. From a fundamental perspective, the downstream demand for cold rolled coils is general, and the northern market continues to show a downward trend. From the perspective of supply and demand data, cold rolling mill warehouses and social warehouses have begun to increase, and table demand has fallen, reflecting that the fundamentals of cold rolling may gradually deteriorate, and the contradiction between supply and demand is becoming prominent. Downstream users are not actively purchasing resources. After the price drops, the market trading atmosphere is not strong, and the actual transaction volume is not large. It is understood that relatively few new resources have arrived recently, and the total market inventory is at a low level.
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