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China's 2200 MPa super steel is coming

In recent years, with the continuous development of China's military technology, China has made rapid progress in scientific manufacturing. Not only has it developed many advanced ships, but it has also brought China's shipbuilding industry to the world's most advanced level. However, among the many advanced achievements in China, super steel with a strength of 2200 MPa is the most eye-catching achievement, because once this super steel is fully used in the military industry, the comprehensive capabilities of China's aircraft carriers, warships and nuclear submarines will surely increase. Another stage of upgrading, so super steel can be said to be of great significance to China, so what is the performance of China's self-developed super steel?

Experts in the manufacturing industry know that the strength of steel used by ordinary large ships in the world is 250 MPa, while the strength of steel required for military destroyers and frigates is 300 MPa, and the steel for cargo ships and aircraft carriers of 60,000 to 100,000 tons. The strength is about 800 MPa, so it is not difficult to see from here that the greater the tonnage of the ship, the strength of the steel used will continue to increase.

Nowadays, under the long-term efforts of Chinese experts, China's 2200 MPa super steel has successfully come out, making China directly ranked first in the world in the field of special steel, and the performance of 2200 MPa super steel is even greater than that of other countries' special steels. In particular, it can be seen that China's super steel will become the main material for China's shipbuilding in the future. At present, with the continuous progress of China's special manufacturing technology, China can now produce this special super steel independently at this stage.

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