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Steel plates deep processing projects

Steel plates deep processing projects

The Philippines Polypropylene Liquefied Petroleum Gas Spherical Tank




Iraq Liquefied Petroleum Gas Spherical Tank Project
The customer is engaged in tenders and projects for Oil & Gas field. We have cooperated since year 2009. They regard us as their Chinese agent, they will inform us no matter when they purchase some steel from China, if we can not supply the goods, we will inspect the goods for them before the shipment.




Indian Vessel Tanks Project
The customer orders vessel plates from us regularly and fabricate the plates to tanks in their own plant. The customer always has high requirement for products quality and ask us to made Normalizing, 0℃ impact, A578 UT test, PWHT and so on technical test for the products.


2700 Tons API 5L GR.B Pipe Line Steels for Bangladesh National Tubes Limited
National Tubes Limited is a very large state-owned enterprise in Bangladesh. They purchased 1220 tons API 5L GR.B steel coils from us first in year 2015. In 2016, we get repeat order about 1500 tons API 5L GR.B steel coil. They will use the coils to fabricate steel pipes in local. Their pipes are used for various purposes. But mostly are used in water and oil lines.



Mexico Hydraulic Machine and Brazil Wind Turbine Project
We finished the projects together with ANDRITZ GROUP. We have cooperation since year 2010. They are very famous group in Europe and America, a lot of European and American know this company very well. They purchase 4000 tons steel plates and steel cutting sectors at least from us every year, which are for assembling Hydro machine. And we also process plates into tubes for them, then they will use the tubes for their wind turbine project in Brazil.



Peru Hydropower Station Project
We cooperated with the Peruvian government. They chose us as the contractor, we produce steel plates first and then fabricate the steel plates into big steel pipes and fittings. And also we do 100% UT(Ultrasonic testing), RT(Radiographic testing), Hydraulic test etc test for all shop Welding of pipes. For the fittings, we also do PT(Penetrant flaw testing), MT(Magnetic particle testing) for all shop Welding.

We published Welding Procedure Qualification report after production. And our mill will keep the test record in the documentary department 5 years. If meet any question in following application, we can check the test record easily and assist to solve problems at the first time.



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