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Mechanical properties of A514 GrF, A514 GrQ, A514 GrH marine engineering steel

A514 GrF, A514 GrQ and A514 GrH are steel plates for marine engineering, which are high yield strength, quenched and tempered alloy steels, with high yield strength and tensile strength, good notch toughness and corrosion resistance. On the premise that the steel meets the strength requirements and does not increase the C content, the hardenability and the tendency of temper softening resistance can be improved by adding Cr, Mo, V, Cu and other elements in an appropriate amount. Through chemical composition analysis and simulation tests, it is found that the steel is prone to cracks or decreased toughness during welding.

Chemical composition of A514 GrF, A514 GrQ, A514 GrH marine engineering steel sheets:
C: 0.053 Si: 0.44 P: 0.011 S: 0.007 Cu: 0.023 Mn: 1.53
Cr: 0.37 Mo: 0.45 V: 0.001 Cb: 0.006 Ni: 2.42

Tensile yield strength of A514 GrF, A514 GrQ, A514 GrH steel plates:
Rm/MPa: 900 Rrh/NMPa: 871 A(%): 18 Akv/J(-40°C): 79, 81, 79

A514 GrF, A514 GrQ, A514 GrH marine engineering steel plate welding:
(1) Control the hardness value of HAZ;
(2) Controlling the residual diffusible hydrogen content.

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