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Henan BEBON international co.,ltd , located in zhengzhou ,henan province of china, is specialized in manufacturing and exporting steel and casting product. Based on the domestic rich product resources and professional research on international market complete with full of iron making, steel making, hot rolling, cold rolling and other world-class processes all stainless steel and carbon steel joint production line. Stainless steel formed the ferrite, austenite, martensite, dual phase steel and so on four big series products.

BEBON stainless products not only sell well throughout the country for its good quality , but exported to worldwide,they are widely used in transportation, automobile manufacturing, nuclear power industry, petrochemical industry, railway wagon, industrial structure, food machinery, building decoration, household appliances, kitchen equipment, tableware, household utensils, sanitary ware, medical equipment and other fields. it is one of the biggest stainless steel enterprises in the world.

Our service shows three pieces of advantage:1. we have our own storage in Tianjin and Shanghai, and the product material quality is competitive and we can delivery immedicatly. 2. We have built the long-term strategy cooperation with several chinese steel mills,like tisco steel(in shanxi) ,zpss steel (in jiangsu),lisco steel (in guangzhou),bao steel(in shanghai),so we can carry on the production completely defer to the customers' request 3. Our service is the "one-stop" work style. We have our processing factory and the pre-treatment factory, can make the customers enjoy cutting,welding,drilling holes,ball blasting, derusting, painting,galvanizing by the lowest cost price.

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