The Bebon international rules of Ex-stock online trading center
Chapter I  General Provisions

Clause 1  According to 《the International Trade Incoterms 2010》, 《international trade practices》 other laws and regulations formulated the Measures for the Administration of the transaction (hereinafter referred to as the Rules).

Clause 2  The rules apply to all transactions in ex-stock online trading center of Bebon international (hereinafter referred to as "Bebon ex-stock center"). All buyers must abide by the rules.
Clause 3  "Bebon stock online trading center" ( is the Sales platform of Bebon international, with the e-commerce platform and advanced means of information, To offer the service for steel and related e-commerce services.
Chapter II   Terms and Definitions
Clause 4  The buyer members: The members who registered in the territory, with good credit, registered in the Bebon ex-stock center and approved, as enterprise legal person, engaged in the purchase of electronic transactions in Bebon ex-stock center.
l The seller: that is Bebon International Co.,Ltd. 
Clause 5  Promotional products:in order to repay the support of our members, refers to the seller in order to repay the buyer member support over the years, we will sell part of our goods without any profit everyday
Clause 6  The sales contract: according to Bebon ex-stock center, the buyer members signed the contract with seller to restrain the rights and obligations
Clause 7  Locking the price:The seller should lock the price for the buyer after receiving the order from buyer.  The price for confirmed orders will maintain the original price even some others rising
Clause 8  Locking the resource: The seller will lock the goods for the buyer after receiving the bank receipt from buyer, in this case, the other members can not purchased the goods
Clause 9  The shopping cart: The buyer can put the goods they chose in the shopping cart, the same goods can be chosen and put in different shopping carts by different buyers, the resource will be locked for the buyer who pay for it in advance
Clause 10  The working hours: the working time for seller(10:00 - 22:00)
l Sales service personnel:The seller automatically assign a professional sales staff for the buyer after the register approved by seller, to solve problems during the transaction process, and is responsible for the payment, The negotiation of sea freight  and award of contracts, and other related things . The sales personnel will service for the buyer until The buyer complained to the sales personnel, and then another sales personnel will service for the buyer.
l The loading port: The port for loading goods and start to ship.
l Destination port: The port defined by buyer for goods to arrive.
l Transportation mode: It is said container, bulk, LCL etc.
l Bank receipt: The buyer transfer the payment to seller by T/T via the local bank. After that, the bank will sign a bill to prove the T/T. The bill filled by buyer for bank to make the T/T is invalid.
l Proforma invoice: It is a informal commercial invoice signed by the seller to buyer and used by buyer to show to the bank for transferring the payment.
l Business documents: In the international business, the documents used by buyer to make the custom clearance, eg. B/L, commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of orign.

Chapter 3 Buyer Member

Clause 11  The buyer register on the website of Bebon Ex-stock Center. After approval the   buyer will be the member of Bebon Ex-stock.
Clause 12  For ensuring the security of the user's account, the buyer member's user name should be composed by characters or figures. The password should be composed by 6-16 figures. Both the user's name and password are designed by the buyer freely.
Clause 13  The member of Bebon Ex-stock Center has the below rights:
l To check the merchandise's price in Bebon Ex-stock Center;
l To browse the promotion products offered by Bebon Ex-stock Center;
l To participate the seminar ,training and other activities organized by Bebon Ex-stock Center;
l To offer the advice or suggestion to the work of Bebon Ex-stock Center via the online service person;
l When the purchase amount achieve the certain quantity. Seller will add the buyer member to the big customer channel;
l The other rights provided by this rule.
Clause 14  The member of Bebon Ex-stock Center should carry out the below obligations:
l Comply with the Ex-stock Center's administrative rules and regulations, accept the supervision and management from the Ex-stock Center, do the business according to law and integrity;
l Keep the member's account no. and password well and take all of the responsibility caused by the account information's reveal,missing,publish and usage in the Ex-stock Center;
l To protect facilities and preserve fame of stock center;
l Other obligations in accordance of law;
Clause 15  Buyer members obey the regulations and other related rules of the stock center, or obey the international laws & regulations, we have right to warn, suspend service. For violators, we will cancel the membership.

Chapter 4 matters need attention

Clause 16  The account of member is the ensurance for exchanging safely, members should managed carefully, buyer members is responsible for all deals which caused by buyer account.
Clause 17  BEBON stock center remains the trading right to cancel all deals that not in according of
Sincerity, fair, justice and legal principles. And remains the trading right to cancel all deals that buyer company were controlled, manipulated and cheated by other company.
Clause 18  All products of BEBON stock center are paid by 100% T/T as down payment, buyer member must transfer payment to our bank account and send bank receipt to our sale staff in 24 hours after signing a contract. Once seller receive the bank receipt from buyer member, then to lock products.
Clause 19  Due to force majeure or other factors to lead normal trading were affected, BEBON stock center has the right to make the decision to delay the time for replying and suspend trading, the purpose of it to guard against risks effectively. Under normal circumstances, if a decision were made according to above situation, BEBON will post announce in advance.
Clause 20  All products of stock center are fixed price, no bargain. The unit price of all products are material price, namely warehouse delivery price, not contained other cost.
Clause 21  The same products likely were ordered and paid by several buyers at the same time, this products will be locked for buyer member who sent bank receipt to seller at the first time. If like the case, other buyer members who transferred payment, seller will suggest buyer member to replace goods, if failing in negotiation, seller will return all payment to buyer member timely, but seller don't pay interest fee during the time.
Clause 22  Final amount of contract will be confirmed by both parties via working out the cost of loading port, destination port, method of transport and quantity of order.
Clause 23  The min order quantity of all products in stock center is one package.
Clause 24  The buyer member were divided into five level, five star member is our big customers, and we also have special channel for big customers.

Chapter 5 default and dispose

Clause 25  Buyer member is responsible for all sales contracts that made in BEBON stock center, and undertake the contract in good faith
Clause 26  The following behaviours that were caused during trading will be regarded as serious default:
l Buyer member doesn't transfer all payment in specified period in accordance with sale contract.
l The buyer haven't communicate with seller for shippment issue in time after buyer submit order(except caused by seller's violation)
l The buyer does not remit payment within specified time to seller account or trading center designated account.
l Malicious submit order
l Other noncompliance
Clause 27  Against the behavior of breach by buyer, bebon have the right to handling the breach, processing including: classified as trading blackiest or even terminate the transaction status. Specific approach of breach reference to the terms of the contracts signed by the buyer and Bebon international.

Chapter 6 supplementary provisions

Clause 28  The spot's center staff should keep the business secrets between buyer and seller, and assumer the responsibility of the confidentiality of information.
Clause 29  Rule changes and interpretation belong to the spot center.
Clause 30  Rules develop, modify, notice must be executed by te procedures of the spot center, the spot center will be pre-published in the bulletin on the website, the rules shall take effect from the date within the validity period. The buyer must follow.
Clause 31  The rules come into effect since the date of promulgation.